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Ch'Ar character not my species
Andromeva so here's a design I hope it's good ^^ sorry if it isn't full body I could work on that if needed. These are a really cool species in my opinion :3

Species: Ch’Ar

Name: CrimsonSpectrum (Crimson or Spectrum for short)
Age: 47 years
Gender: Male
Orientation: straight(?)
Living Area (Clan): doesn’t have one yet(?)
Occupation: (?)

Height: 20 ft
Weight: 130 lbs
Appearance: strong, well fit, handsome.

Traits: known to be the flirtatious type and the dramatic type. He’s nice when you greet him with kindness but can easily be your enemy if you pick on him or get on his bad side. He’s also known for pick pocketing when he was young but very rarely would he get caught. He never grew up in a good home

Personality: Flirty, Dramatic, sassy, Protective, Ladies man, gentle, always a dominant type but sometimes submissive, mischievous, theif, warrior.

Lore: he grew up as an orphaned child, And grew up without a proper home. He’d be the mischievous type as a kid and would not sit still. He used to pick pocket just to survive out there but now that he is older he’s wanting to do something good for once. He now travels to try and find a perfect clan to welcome him in. He can be very picky. He’s always been fascinated with wars and wants to be in one just to whiten his name besides being called a street rat. He became really strong over the years through his own training and now owns his own Ara’Athan. Those two go everywhere together even though he did steal it from someone when it was only young.

Various: (?)
Have a dragon meme
Idk I decided to do this in tech and I f&@!ng hate the quality
Have a Squishy
Have a smol Sea Lemon or Sea Bunny whatever you call it. The name alone is friggin adorable x3 I had to make one.
Sea Lemons are pretty much little sea slugs that can bring lick if you find one in a tide pool because it means the environment is healthy :3

His Hero/Villian form x3 just a thing we made up for the fun of it and I love the idea so I made this

Looks like something you'd find in a Halloween store lol

I'm sorry I'm in the Halloween spirit ^^
A Laceodon is basically a Lizard-Horse Hybrid creature who live in jungles and other plains areas. And because of this, people in the jungle use them for traveling across the rugged terrain and they can make great pets and mounts. Just like our dogs and horses, Laces are used as great companions.

Laceodons that are found in the wild (like Mustangs) are called "Wildies" and Captive Laceodons are simply called captives or tames. When role playing with them, they speak using body language and use hisses, coos, and growls with each other. Since they're animals, they don't speak like we do.

Laceodons commonly eat fruits and giant insects. they use their long and thin, sharp tongue to pierce through the toughest tree bark to reach the insects like how a woodpecker would with it's beak. Only without constant pecking. They also used their tongue to provide moisture to their eyes considering they do not have eyelids. They do, however, have a protective eye shield (like sharks) that they use to protect their large bulging eyes from thick undergrowth and vegetation from the rain forests considering they keep their head low when they walk or run.

Another cool fact is that Laces can climb trees and walls easily with their long claws. Even with you on their back. And when their agitated, they puff, curl, and tighten their tail up just like how we tighten our fists. only to make it lash out at you. A dominant male's strike would be much more fatal considering his spikes.

Wildies are often seen in packs of multiple laceodons with only one pack leader. that pack leader is always a male laceodon known as the dominant male. They are easily distinguished by their bulky appearance, much taller in size, and have spikes from head to tail. The dominant species gets to breed with his females in his herd and decides who stays and who goes. When two dominants meet each other they immediately think of it as competition and start a fight. That is why, if one of the male's females hatches a dominant chick, once the chick grows in it's spikes it's kicked out to find it's own pack

Life of a regular wildie male is hard when it comes to breeding. He usually has to woo a female from a pack with out the Dominant noticing to procreate. For males within the pack cannot breed with the dominant's females or else they'll be kicked out or slaughtered. After breeding, the dominant won't know if the chicks are his or not so he keeps them since a lace's DNA is usually out of wack for an unknown reason and they never always look like the parents.

Now for breeding purposes, laceodons have retractable teeth so they dont hurt the neck of their mate during their session considering their teeth are needle sharp and their jaws are powerful enough to break through the toughest shell of a fruit with ease (like Watermelon). they do however, find a pleasure in breeding like this. When a male retracts his teeth and uses his gums to latch onto the female's scruff, there is a nerve on the back of her neck that  if you apply a good amount of pressure she will become submissive. Males have a same organ but it is under his chin.

This goes out for you peeps who have laceodons ;3. If you have a male and female or if you and your friend have a male and female and wish to breed them, come to me and I will roll three dice (one dice is one egg. There are three eggs in a laceodon batch). If it lands on a five, you get a Rare Red or a Rare Purple (you chose which one) in the batch of chicks. If it lands on a six, you get a Legendary turquoise lace in the batch of chicks.

Chicks take up to a week to become adults. One day equals four years. they age as long as humans do with their teenage years being their delinquent years and their 20s being when they can procreate. And the parents get a three day cool down so I don't get spammed by breeding requests by the same person (if you're one of those).

These are an open species as well so you can make a Laceodon whenever you please. Just make sure to check with me first. I need to be sure it's not an all white (albino), Red, Pruple (those are rares earned by breeding and adopts), Turquoise (also earned through breeding or adopts), or a Shadow (I'll get to those in a minute). your lace can be any other color. They usually have a white, Black, or grey underbelly. You cannot change that into blue or pink or something.

Albino Laceodons: Then they are bred, one albino lace will be seen within the batch of chicks as a bonus. when i host adopts for them, you may only get one. You may also put accessories on them or scars and such (maybe even a Dominant male Albino if you'd wanna do that ;3)

Shadow Laceodons: They come around once a month (15th day of every month) I hold a 24 hour custom page for those who may want one. You may only receive one Shadow laceodon that day but you can come by the next month to get another. Also if you breed your Shadow Lace on the same day, you get a bonus batch of three shadow laceodon chicks. an extra bonus is if you breed your shadow with an albino, then you'll get a misty shadow laceodon.


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I'm in the fandom of Mortal Kombat but I'm not too into it as much as I was. I really love anything reptilian like dinosaurs, Dragons, Scalies, Lizards. I even like bugs, birds, and marine life. Sooo basically anything besides mammals (I still like you usual horse and doggo I'm not heartless lol I just don't draw them) I do horseback ride. Hunter Jumper. I have been for about 11-12 years now. I like to draw, create species, animate (sometimes), play video games, and chill with people. If you have any questions let me know ^^

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